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Basement Crack Repair

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Foundation walls are the pillars of strength when it comes to supporting your home. The base of these walls are found in your basement and this tends to be the most vulnerable area when it comes to cracking . These cracks allow water and moisture to enter your home causing damage to anything you may keep in your basement . It will also cause mold growth and generally unsettle your piece of mind . Left to its own devices , these cracks can also cause major structural damage to your homes foundation . This is why its always best to consult the experts .

Why Are They Cracking

There are usually three main culprits when it comes to identifying why your basement has developed cracks . These are shrinkage , settling and movement . Cracks caused due to shrinkage are usually caused because the concrete foundation was not poured correctly and dried too quickly . Thus causing hairline cracks . Settling cracks are caused because the ground your home has been built on has not had time to properly settle . The size of these cracks will depend on how much settling takes place . Lastly we have movement cracks . Caused when the earth around your home moves . This is the most common of the three reasons for basement cracking .

Walls Are Better Than Floors

If one had to choose where one would develop a basement crack . One would most certainly pick walls over floors . Especially since 99% of basement floors are concrete . Basement walls are easier to work with and allow for the problem to be identified in a speedier manner . Floors on the other hand are extremely difficult to repair , but not impossible . Especially when you use our expert solutions and combine them with our highly skilled repair teams. No problem is too daunting and we promise to have your basement at its best in no time .

All Cracks Will Leak

Just like you are assured of taxes and death , so you can rest assured all the cracks in your basement will eventually leak. Simply fixing only the cracks that leak will just delay the inevitable .Remember will find the path of least resistance . We can also promise that it will end up costing you a lot more down the line . So instead of fighting a loosing battle , simply get it fixed right the first time . It may cost a little more but we can bet you will be a lot happier down the line .

Repairing Your Repair

This is precisely what we are talking about when we say you might as well get it done right the first time . When repairing an already existing repair job one needs to keep a few extra things in mind . The first of these is that you will need to to some additional  preparation work to get the cracked surface ready for the new sealant . This basically entails cleaning the area as thoroughly as possible before even attempting the new repair . To find out what to do next , give our experts a call today .

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