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French Drain System

gutter pipe and water drainage

The French have given us many modern day inventions . From fine food to the modern democracy and many more . By far one of the most important is the modern drainage system.. this has allowed our modern society not just to manage their waste, but to direct surface and groundwater  away from your structures foundations . At Fort Wayne Basement Waterproofing we have a range of french drain solutions to suit any need our clients may have . To find out a little bit more about this groundbreaking method ,give us a call today and lets get the process started .

What Is It

A French drainage system consists of a trench filled with a variety of perforated pipes and gravel. This combination will allow ant surface or ground water to naturally drain from your homes garden. The scale of the system will obviously be dependant on how big your homes yard is and the size of the drainage challenge you may be facing .  Our highly trained install teams will ensure your system will be installed in a timely and professional manner . Ensuring the problem is fixed and will not reappear anytime soon . So lets work together and fix the problem once and for all .

When Do I Need It ?

There are a couple of clear indications that your home and surrounding garden are in desperate need of a professionally installed french drainage system . One of the clearest signs is a collection of surface water . This can present itself in many ways . The most common of these are a soggy lawn or a driveway that keeps getting washed away or flooded . Another clear sign is water getting into your basement . For more tips on what to watch out for , we encourage you to reach out to us without further delay so we can  tackle the problem head on and without delay .

Do They Clog ?

French drainage systems carry the added advantage of not needing regular maintenance . Especially if it has been installed correctly from the start . As with anything in life though , things can go wrong . These systems can occasionally become clogged or damaged due to heavy wear and tear . We encourage our clients to call us at least twice a year to ensure your system contains no blockages or weak points . This regular maintenance review will help your system last anywhere between 2O and 3O years . So lets keep your system in proper working condition .

How Deep ?

This is a crucial factor to take into account when planning your new french drain system . One needs to remember that your french drainage system  has to compete for space below ground with gas and water lines . Not to mention those electrical wires and sewer pipes . These all pose a hazard to your system . Taking all this into account , our experts will determine the correct depth to lay your system . Ensuring it does not interfere with any of the above . Thus avoiding any future issues that might have arisen .

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