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Signs of Water Damage

water leak from the heating system

Water damage is one of the most common problems both our commercial and residential clients have to deal with . The reason for this is that water damage can be caused by many different reasons . It really does not matter how it happened to be honest . Be it heavy rains that caused the flooding or an unnatural causes such as a burst pipes or leaks . Water damage is simply a problem that needs to be fixed right away . So before you let it ruin your day and home , call us today and lets get the damaged fixed .

Mold Growth

Mold essentially needs two things to grow. Mainly moisture and a organic food source . This natural substance seems to have been  made for the average basement . One of the main causes is the cellulose contained in most building materials . This acts as a natural food source for the mold spore . This problem can be exacerbated if your basement has area which have been damaged by moisture or water .  In theses cases well will need to repair the damaged section and tackle the mold simultaneously . This fungus can also have massive negative effects on your families health if the spores are inhaled .

What Stinks ?

No matter how many times you seem to deep clean your basement , you can not seem to get rid of that musty , dingy smell . This miff smell is coming from the moldy spots in your basement and need to be tackled head on if you wish to get rid of the smell . Simply put this musty smell means your basement has mold . If there is mold , then there will surly be a water damaged area that needs some major attention . Now pick up the phone and lets get your basement and home smelling its best again.

Sinking Floors

By far one of the hardest things to notice is a sinking basement floor . However it is a problem that needs to be fixed ASAP. The two most common cause of a sinking floor would be soil erosion or a damaged foundation . We are sure we don’t have to tell you how serious a problem like this could be . This is by far one of the worst events that could befall your homes basement and foundation . Simply put , it presents a clear and present danger to you and your family .


These cracks can appear anywhere in your basement . If you notice these cracks on either your foundation walls or floor , the time to act is now . These cracks can allow water to enter your foundation or load bearing walls and exacerbate the situation.Even worth is the idea that said cracks were actually caused by the water itself . Either way it needs to be looked at and a solution found ASAP. Now go have a closer look at your basement and give us a call if you notice anything out of the ordinary , no matter how small .

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