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Fort Wayne Basement Waterproofing

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Nothing can put a dampen on proceedings like a water damaged and stinky basement . Fortunately you have stumbled across the pre-emptive basement solution company in the Fort Wayne district . We encourage you at all times to test our know how and challenge our range of skills .We promise you will not be disappointed . Our family feel mixed with an unrivaled level of professionalism  will leave you in no doubt who to call when disaster strikes .

So please have a look at what we have to offer . Once you find it , pick up the phone and lets take the next step to securing your basements future .

About Us

Having established ourselves as one of the leading basement specialist  in town and surrounding areas, we strive everyday to ensure we build on this reputation . A reputation deeply rooted in our community and we like to think we bring something special when one thinks of basement solutions . Understanding that these forgotten rooms can sometimes lead to major structural issues if not maintained properly . To this end we have developed a range of basement solutions to fit any purpose . So come to the guys and girls who don’t just know what they doing , but also care about what they are doing .

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    Our Services

    Now that we have given you just a taste of what we offer and what you can expect. Its time for us to show off our wide range of basement maintenance solutions. No matter how bad the problem may seem now,. at Fort Wayne Basement Waterproofing our services are wide ranging and provide our clients with the flexibility they both need and demand . From new installs to pump sumps and those nasty cracks . We have the solution that will suit you .Now  once you find what you think you are looking for , get in touch with us right away and lets get the problem sorted .

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    Exterior Basement Waterproofing

    By its nature exterior basement waterproofing should be a proactive measure and not a reactive one .This will provide your homes basement with that extra level of waterproofing it needs and deserves . This cost-effective solution has many advantages when it comes to securing your home .Simply put , our experts will know exactly which method will suit you best and will guide you through the process step by step so that you understand exactly what we are doing and why.

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    Interior Basement Waterproofing

    Now that we have sorted the exterior , its time to tackle the interior . This application will help add that extra level of protection to your homes foundation .It will also help keep your basement  dry as a bone and mould free.From repairs to new installs . We promise we have the interior solution for you . Simply put the advantages of a professionally completed basement interior is a crucial aspect to maintaining your home.

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    French Drain System

    Yes the french have done it again . This is a crucial cog in your basements defence against flooding and damage caused by moisture . At Fort Wayne Basement Waterproofing we have a range of french drain solutions to suit any need our clients may have . We will also provide you with a range of valuable tips and advice for keeping those drains open and working in tip top condition .

    “Coming home after a fantastic summer vacation to find your basement flooded is not how we wanted to start our new year . Luckily my wife was ready with a reputable companies details and our basement was back to normal in no time at all , without breaking the bank . You guys are amazing . ” –J.Stevens

    water leak from the heating system

    “We noticed a musty moldy smell developing in our basement . First we though it was caused by the clothes dryer. After further investigation we discovered a few damp spots that had developed mold . Our next step was simply , call Steve and his team . Had it sorted in no time ” – P.Montgomery

    basement's water drainage tubes

    “I can honestly say that Jack and his team have opened up my eyes when it comes to understanding how my drainage system works . From the correct sump pump to making sure everything was installed as it should be , they were friendly and informative at the same time . ” – H.Max

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    Basement Crack Repair

    The bane of most of our clients lives are the continuous cracks that seem to be developing in their basement . These are often caused by poor workmanship or water getting into your walls or floor .  Left to its own devices , these cracks can also cause major structural damage to your homes foundation . So give us a call today before the mole hill turns into a mountain .

    Waterproofing and insulation house foundation wall

    Basement Sump Pump

    At the heart of any decent basement drainage system is a decent and well installed sump pump . These crucial little machines are essential to channeling all the collected water in your sump away from your home and its foundation . We have a huge range of sump pump options to suit any basement .So lets get that sump pump sorted and your homes basement drainage system in tip top shape. We promise you will not be disappointed .

    basement's water drainage tubes

    Signs Of Water Damage

    Luckily for you , picking up signs of water damage in your homes basement should not be that difficult . Firstly just follow that musty smell . This should lead you to a damp or moldy area . Now we just need to asses the damage and come up with a tailored solution to ensure the damage does not spread and that your basement remains in perfect condition. . Our experts are ready and waiting for your call .

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    Contact Us Today

    After providing you with just a taste of what we have to offer  , why not pick up the phone and find out more .  Our highly trained and friendly staff are ready and waiting to help you find the perfect solution for any basement problems you may be experiencing. We strive  to deliver a cost effective solution to all our clients. Delivering this in a professional and timely manner. This ensures all our jobs are done on time and most importantly within budget . If all this sounds like the kind of company you can trust with your homes basement and foundation you know what to do .