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Exterior Basement Waterproofing

installing waterproofing bitumen on the wall

This form of basement waterproofing is a great way to provide your homes basement with that extra level of waterproofing . By its nature it should be a proactive measure and not a reactive one . Ideally it should be done done whilst the home is being built . However exterior basement waterproofing can be applied to any basement . Be it poured concrete or one that is built from masonry block walls . Simply put , our experts will know exactly which method will suit you best and will guide you through the process step by step .

Why Do You Need It ?

The biggest reason would be to prevent outside water from entering your basement through cracks and porous areas . Concrete basement solutions can form spots, especially if not poured correctly  that allow water to seep through and cause untold damage . Masonry basement solutions can have problems when it comes to cracks around the mortar joints . Another consideration we need you to make it the type of soil that surrounds your home . Especially that found around your basement. This can have a massive effect on how much ground water is able to seep through .

Its All About The Soil

Soil, believe it or not does share some characteristics with steel and concrete . Especially when  it comes to expanding and contracting . Soil however does this when it comes to moisture content . All types of soil will expand when their moisture content increases . The amount however differs from type to type . One also needs to consider how quickly your soil drains and the general climate of the area you live in . Luckily for you , we have all the expertise to guide you and help you make the right decision when it comes to your exterior basement needs.


This extra level of protection offers significant benefits when it comes to protecting your home . Most of these advantages have to do with water prevention and management .Not only does it prevent penetration  , it also helps direct excess moisture towards your exterior drainage system , crucially away from your homes foundation . When added to the many other advantages it is an absolute must . Your home , especially your basement will be bone dry with no musty smell or damp spots . If this sounds like the kind of protection you feel your home deserves , call us today .


This is one of the biggest reasons clients tend to skip this step when protecting their home and its foundations . The simple fact is that exterior basement waterproofing is not expensive at all . Especially when one takes into account the damage it helps prevent over an extended period of time . While costs do vary depending on aspects such as size , materials needed and how many walls are affected ,it still remains one of  the most cost-effective , proactive solutions when it comes to protecting your home. To find out more , pick up the phone today and give us a call .

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